Hi, my name is Ryan Thompson. I’ve got a few areas of expertise that you might be interested in.

Social Media & Digital Media Strategy – I have established Social Media departments at multiple companies. I have a great track record with social media with Touchdown Jacksonville/Jacksonville Jaguars, Bealls, McDonalds, and on campaigns for the Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and Playstation 3.

I’ve also spoken on Social Media at a variety at conferences and speaking engagements.

Lastly, I’ve been involved in digital strategies (and their executions) in the real estate, insurance, fashion, gaming, sports, and food industries

– I have been involved in UI/UX for over a decade, working with clients such as Alicia Keys, Ignition Entertainment, The Dalton Agency, and have taught UI/UX, front end development, and social media at the Art Institute of Jacksonville. Most of my “kids” have gone on to work at the top design agencies (they make me so proud!).

– I’ve been the Director of Communications at a logistics insurance company and have recreated their brand, the UI/UX of their applications, and been responsible for copywriting, email distribution, digital analytics, and everything else involved in communications, from shirts, to tradesows, to video production, all the way to app design.

Also, I know how to work with Sharepoint Designer…for those that are wondering. 🙂