Frum Tha Ground Up – Alicia Keys and Giving

Frum Tha Ground Up (FTGU), a youth initiative based in Jacksonville, embarked on a journey to enhance its online presence and engage a younger audience. This case study explores the collaboration between FTGU and Hardball Creative to redesign the organization’s digital platform, emphasizing the significance of youth outreach and digital transformation.

Targeting a Youthful Audience

FTGU sought to connect with its target audience through an engaging and fun online presence. The project aimed to create a platform that resonated with young individuals while reflecting the organization’s mission and values.

Partnership with Hardball Creative

I was recruited by Hardball Creative to assist in designing and building FTGU’s new digital presence. The collaboration extended beyond conventional website redesign, incorporating strategic elements such as user content generation, message boards, and the integration of real-world events into the online experience.

Energizing the User Experience

To infuse the site with motion and energy, every aspect of the FTGU website was animated. Frame-by-frame animations were employed to create dynamic and engaging interactions, including page loads and menu interactions. This approach captivated users and heightened their engagement with the platform.

Youthful Aesthetic

The visual design of the website embraced a youthful and hip-hop energy. Multiple images were redrawn in silhouette or vectorized style, enhancing the overall visual appeal and aligning with FTGU’s target audience.

User-Friendly Content Maintenance

The development process prioritized simplicity and user-friendliness, enabling non-technical individuals to easily update and manage content. The implementation allowed external text documents to be uploaded, empowering non-developer savvy individuals to contribute to the site’s maintenance.

Recognition and Awards

The revitalized FTGU website garnered significant recognition and acclaim. It emerged as a finalist at SXSW and won numerous prestigious awards, acknowledging its innovative design, engaging user experience, and positive impact on youth outreach.


The FTGU relaunch yielded transformative results, revolutionizing the organization’s online presence and youth outreach efforts. By infusing animation, employing a youthful visual style, and implementing user-friendly content management, the new digital platform resonated with it’s users.