GAAM Gladiators – Jacksonville’s Biggest Esports Event

Thank all of your for your help in making GAAM Gladiators: Esports Championship happen. 🙌 Not only was this a huge step forward for Esports in Jacksonville, but this was also a huge step forward in accessibility, with Katie McDaniels being the first sign language interpreter signing for the GAAM livestream of the finals of an esports event! 💖

Be proud of your competitors, your commentators, your friends, your fellow gamers, your supporters, your city, of people. You all helped to create something truly special.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the site and how it transitioned from an event to an online gaming league

This was the initial promo video introducing the concept to our audience

Below you can see how the initial logo and the sword concept became married throughout the event, especially in the viral winners announcements.

And finally, the culmination of the hard work put in by everybody.

Thank you to Jeffrey Enriquez for putting together such a great video capturing what the event was about.