Frum Tha Ground Up: Alicia Key’s Nonprofit and SXSW Finalist

Frum Tha Ground Up was a nonprofit organization with Alicia Keys. It was one of my first big interactive projects and made it as a finalist in the Interactive Finalist at SXSW! I worked religiously on this site…giving every little bit of it a soul. The drop down menus all flashed and had a little extra bounce, all the sections animated in, simple “header” or “sidebar” images had hand or rotoscoped animation…this was a site directed at youth, and it definitely reflected that with all the interactivity.

It was an honor and privilege to attend the SXSW Awards, and be a finalist with so many prestigious designers that I had looked up to.

This site was also one of my first forays into social marketing. “Mama Sue” was a “Dear Abby”-esque section where users could write in questions, and answers would be published on the website. The tone and “identity” was a great experience in understanding how users identified and idolized “brands”.

Below are some screenshots from various aspects of the site. Enjoy!

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