Availity Sharepoint Redesign and Development



It seems as though every large corporation uses Sharepoint, but nobody is really happy with the ui/ux of it. It was the same case with Availity, so we decided to redesign the Employee Benefits section of the Sharepoint.

Here was the old layout…


There were a lot of problems with the old layout.
There’s at least THREE navs in this layout. That’s if you don’t include the breadcrumb nav, the top ribbon, and the search bar.
2) Oddly placed header image.
That image doesn’t even fit the page properly.
3) Odd CTA. Almost nobody ever sees the ADP icon.
It’s so far over to the right, and the color is too desaturated to subconsciously create visual importance.

So here’s what I did…

The architecture of the site was completely revamped. We re-organized all of the content and streamlined everything. We also adopted a responsive layout for mobile users, and a more app-centric grid UI as most of the users were tech savvy (and pretty much everybody uses apps on their phone at this point).

This approach was applied throughout the site. Even sub-sections got their own iconic representation.


Everybody applauded the move to a fully iconic based UI. 🙂 I tried to make sure everything was symbolic and on brand, but just a little bit different to re-iterate the fact that this was a departure from the old experience.


Also, the search bar was given much more priority, and additional items such as the recycling bin, the ability to “like” pages, and other options were stripped away, as data showed that they were seldom used, and they seem to just add to user confusion.

Lastly, a drop down nav was implemented, as well as an active state for the current section that both reinforce the brand and add more awareness to exactly where the user is.

The end result was a happy department, happier users, and far less calls and emails asking where content was). 🙂