Muramasa Digital Marketing Campaign

Muramasa was one of the most successful gaming digital marketing campaigns I had the honor of working on.

We put executed a successful strategy on Twitter that resulted in #Muramasawii trending up to the number 3 spot on Twitter, which is extra amazing consider how this was a small niche title with an extremely limited budget. This would not have been possible without community management on multiple online platforms and pinpointing the true fans and influencers.

Also, a key component to this strategy, that was also utilized in the King of Fighters campaign, was the creation and management of multiple online characters. Community members and twitter followers enjoyed the interactions between the game’s two protagonists, Momohime and Kisuke, and led to an entertaining product that contributed to the hype of the game.

I also lead the art direction and production of multiple online banner ads for the digital media buy. After creating the initial look and feel, I project ¬†managed other designers to complete the remaining ads. We had an above industry average click through rate, and the bosses were extremely happy. ūüôā

I’ve included some screenshots of various stages of the campaign below, as well as the animated banner ads.

muramasa sidebar