Hyatt Event Booking Web App and CMS UI/UX

hyatt 01

Hyatt wanted a desktop platform to assist with event planning, and wanted a web app that would aid both event planners and the event planning staff. This system would help make it easier to create estimates and have a better understanding of the needs of the client and would adhere to making the user having a feeling of luxury and professional elegance, both hallmarks of the Hyatt.

I took care of the wireframes and front end design work for both the front end, and the backend CMS system to go with it.
The front end consisted of a simple step by step iconic system to guide those requesting an estimate and push the user towards completing the request.
Also note that the current/active step would appear larger than the rest to draw the user’s eye back to it (and let them know where they are), and since we commonly read left to right, that nav item would flow them into the next step.

hyatt-wireframe-01The interior pages were a little more streamlined. There were a variety of custom objects they want the admins to be able to add to the various sections (such as weather tools, booking tools, custom galleries, videos, etc.) but we wanted to makes sure content managers didn’t go overboard. We limited the interior (the “step” pages) to TWO custom modules. After looking at the backend data, they should be able to determine which items give them the most return and focus, and still have a little room for experimentation.


This was also designed in a way so the backend analytics would be able to give a clear view into what areas had the highest drop off rates, have the longest engagement time (And then provide insight as to how to optimize the experience),  and give Hyatt information on how to adapt their business.

The backend system was designed to be very visual, and subconsciously condition the administrator  to understand the UI flow of the site, and have gain empathy towards how the users were traveling through it.


They were pretty happy with the solution with almost zero edits! 😀