Avality “Facebook” Inspired Recruiting Cards

availity facebook brochure
Everybody has a sales brochure for recruiting. Availity is a tech company in 2014. I thought a traditional sales brochure is a little dated, and the kind of talent that we want aren’t going to be impressed by a simple folded piece of paper. So why not talk the language of the people we want to recruit? I decided to pursue a social media inspired approach.

The Facebook approach not only allowed us to pursue a design style that was familiar to techies, but also aligned our brand with the technology of a newer generation. It also allowed us to break the traditional tone of copy. With a facebook inspired design, on one side the copy was allowed to have a little more personality, and assume the vernacular and speaking habits or regular people. On the side, corporate speak could be applied and cover any necessary items and appease political correctness.

Also fun tidbits were the number of likes actually being the number of employees, the “time” the post was actually being the number of years the employee had been at Availity, and the status location being the office the employee worked out of.

I also took created an Instagram version of this, with hashtags playing a more prevalent role, but alas, it was a little too modern. 😉