1000% swell in Ticket Sales and 2nd in the Digital Super Bowl with the Jacksonville Jaguars Social Media Campaign

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Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Jaguars were going through a very tough time. Fan pride was extremely low in the city, the stadium was not selling enough seats for the games to be broadcasted, and the fans were feeling neglected by both the Jaguars and the city itself.

Touchdown Jacksonville is the remedy for all of these ailments.

A digital strategy was implemented to empower the fans. Touchdown Jacksonville became the liason between the fans, and the Jaguar camp. We covered Jaguars related events and promoted them to the community, and created new opportunities for fans to interact not only with the Jaguars, but with each other.

Tactics that rewarded fans for being fans, while at the same time, creating viral marketing buzz were employed. Twitter parties were conducted to rally fans for big events. We rallied fan pride and participation to heights not seen since Jacksonville actually had the Super Bowl here, and fan voting actually got the Jaguars to the “virtual” Super Bowl online (through Cambell’s Click for Cans), and earned the city 13,000 cans of food for the local food banks!

Touchdown Jacksonville’s success really stemmed from community management above all else. Jaguar fans finally felt that not only did they have somebody with authority who was listening to them, but they felt like they finally had a venue where they could talk with excitement about the Jacksonville Jaguars and their city.

With over 6,000 fans (none of which were purchased), and over a 1000% jump in ticket sales since it’s inception, Touchdown Jacksonville has been a huge success.