Insurance Claims App UI/UX Design

claims app iphone and ipads

The Carolina Casualty Claims App
This app was designed to make the process of filing a claim much easier on the user and on the employee working on the filed claimed. With the camera and GPS enabled, it made the extremely easy for the user to document the claim and send the data over for an insurance agent.

Also, with the built in Agent finder and GPS working in concert, we were able to pair the user up with the closest available agent.

At the end of the whole process, the information was sent over to a database and filed for the insurance agent and would then be entered into the history of the policy.

This was a HUGE step forward for us, as previous claims were being filed by voice or manually written. It was also important as this was phase 1 of an app that could eventually have VIN validation, iImage based license verification, and tons of other cool features that would make the lives of all parties involved easier. 🙂

UI/UX Observations
One important thing to note was that after user experience studies, we decided to make the “progression” button, near the full width of the screen and up a few inches from the bottom. It looked a little odd at first, as we’re so used to seeing an item like that weighted towards near the bottom of the page. HOWEVER, we found that the location of the thumb made it uncomfortable to bend one’s thumb all the way to the bottom of the phone.

We didn’t replicate this on the tablet version,  as the way people used the tablet was very different from the phone. Typically, the pointer finger was being used to execute actions, and that finger was usually founder hovering a few inches up and above the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

claims app 01

claims app phones