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Appliance Demand Calculator Wireframes

Wireframing is an extremely part of the design process that is frequently overlooked. But when done right, you’re entire team will be on the same page, and you’ll have very few surprises and you discover how to create the best experience for your users.

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Nerdular: Nerds + E Commerce + Social / Startup

I love working with startups. There’s always so much energy and passion! And I simply love anything “nerdy”. So getting the opportunity to work on the UI/UX of Nerdular, a unique e-commerce and social platform was a dream come true. I can’t show much of it yet, but here are a few things to note: […]

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Frum Tha Ground Up: Alicia Key’s Nonprofit and SXSW Finalist

Frum Tha Ground Up was a nonprofit organization with Alicia Keys. It was one of my first big interactive projects and made it as a finalist in the Interactive Finalist at SXSW! I worked religiously on this site…giving every little bit of it a soul. The drop down menus all flashed and had a little […]

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mccafe home 02

McDonalds – Happinated Game Design, Animation, Website Creation, and Social Media Strategy

“Happinated” was one of the biggest projects on a short timeline I was ever involved in. To help launch McCafe in the region, we approached McDonald’s with––a micro site that featured an interactive game, a downloadable coupon, product descriptions and Twitter updates to create a social media buzz. received over 18,000 hits in […]

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jacksonville jaguars post

1000% swell in Ticket Sales and 2nd in the Digital Super Bowl with the Jacksonville Jaguars Social Media Campaign

Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Jaguars were going through a very tough time. Fan pride was extremely low in the city, the stadium was not selling enough seats for the games to be broadcasted, and the fans were feeling neglected by both the Jaguars and the city itself. Touchdown Jacksonville is the remedy for all of […]

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shipme cover

Ship.Me Explanation Animation

I always enjoying learning about new businesses and trying to connect with their potential audience. So i was definitely excited to be working on Ship.Me. It was a unique problem (one that I’ve been fortunate to never have to deal with), but there was a significant market for online customers who need goods delivered, but […]

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